We Identify

We closely work with physicians to create customized testing options to meet the physician and patient needs.

We Protect

At Gentech Diagnostics we ensure we maintain high levels of standard for lab safety and compliance. We continuously check our facilities, equipment and staff to provide results with the highest quality.

We Inject

Our lab technicians go through different programs to ensure continuous training. This helps them keep up to date. with the industry trends, technology and needs.

We Partner

We partner with our referring physician network to bring other solutions that can improve their outcomes. This allows our physician network to benefit from our partner ecosystem.

Lab Services

GenTech expert laboratory offers a multifaceted approach of testing services and panels which include Toxicology, COVID-19, and PCR testing for Nail and Wound to include a Pathology report if desired. Through quality assurance, best practices and clinical and management expert collaboration, we provide our physicians with the insight proven to deliver better treatment options enhancing patient outcomes.


PCR for Nail and Wound


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